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About Akiba Day


First of all, we are so happy that so many of you have been able to attend and enjoy our events. Many of us at Akiba Day fell in love with anime, art, cosplay, conventions, and the culture of DTLA/Arts District/Little Tokyo by chance. We started Akiba Day with the goal that we wanted as many people as possible to share that feeling we all had that made us fall in love with these hobbies.

Lately, so many of you have unfortunately had complaints of sexual predators, scammers, racial discrimination, harassment and general rudeness in the community. We at Akiba Day are committed to giving you a break from all that. We admire cosplayers and photographers of all different skill levels, follower counts, and styles. We want you to be able to use us to grow, and to enjoy the things you care about.

This is a nonprofit meet up group, so we are more than happy to work alongside and promote everyone who has the same goal as we do. This is not a competition, this is supposed to be fun.

Please know that we at Akiba Day do not tolerate any of the things that make cosplay/photography/conventions/etc an exclusive hobby, and welcome everyone who is kind and respectful to join us in our dream.

We’re so excited to be hosting events in the next couple months for you, and we hope you are too!