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Nintendo Hosted a Direct for Animal Crossing Mobile

This evening Nintendo hosted a Direct for the upcoming mobile release of animal crossing. They introduced features that were announced during the presentation including a trading system that allows you to trade things with other friends. They did not go into specifics, but if its like Miitomo, there should be no issue of crossplatforming. Many have speculated that its model would the same as the mobile Mario Dash game, that it would be a free game, but you would have to pay to advance further in the game.

Many have voiced their opinion, hoping that you could just purchase the game right away. Although it wasn’t mentioned on what game model it would adapt from, there were hints of the possibility of using real currency to fuel your virtual needs, but again, people would rather buy the game than to keep spending money every other time. It is for certain that it’s a highly anticipated mobile game, and it has some of the charm that the original games have. The game will also have seasonal events, just like in previous games. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be released later next month.