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Titan Con Pulls in 5,000 Attendees During Second Year

Titan Con took place on April 29, 2017, at the California State University Fullerton campus in Fullerton, CA.

The TitanCon team believes part of last year’s success was the broad nature of the convention. TitanCon may be hosted by clubs focused on gaming and anime, but the event tries to offer a diverse range of events and panels to reach a larger audience.

The second year convention celebrates all things otaku culture including Itasha, Japanese Food, gaming, maids, and of course cosplay, manga, and anime fandoms.

Although this event was hosted by the CSUF Anime Club and CSUF Gaming & eSports club, there were plenty of non anime cosplay and fandoms that ranged from obscure anime, manga, and Japanese video games like Nier: Automata to popular up and coming, here today, gone tomorrow memes like this one.

We were also fortunate enough to host a Nier: Automata gathering and had Kira Buckland, voice of 2B in the video game! She made a lot of fans of the Nier: Automata game very happy by chatting it up and signing autographs during the gathering. Be sure to check out our Nier:Automata Gathering article for more photos and details about the gathering.


One of the more popular events at TitanCon that they brought back this year is the Itasha.

There were more Itasha cars this year with the food trucks being moved over to the other side of the Student Union, which made it much easier to see the Itasha up close, not to mention fitting more into the space in front of the convention.

The student union also housed the dealers hall which had lots of local artists selling prints and other fandom related products.

There was also a maid cafe presented by The Anime Club, music and dance performances from both The Japanese Culture Club and the Vietnamese Student Association, and various cultural panels.

Some groups unrelated to campus, such as the Corps Dance Crew, were also in attendance.

Titan Con is named after the Fullerton mascot, Titans. The massive “Titans” sign outside of the student center greeted attendees as they walked from the parking lot into the student center.